Drone Inspections

Built with crop inspection needs in mind, the Parrot Disco-Pro AG is an updated Disco for longer flights, greater range and higher end cameras. Able to put multiple cameras over 200 acres on a charge with the same 1.2 mile operational range, the Disco-Pro AG also uses Pix4D or Airinov First+ for mapping solutions of

Frontrunners In Race For COVID

Solar power is power derived from the sun. Variable Light Intensity: The Z96 has a maximum light output of 800 Lux (at 1 meter). The dimmer switch on the back of the Z96 permits -100% light intensity. This is almost certainly my most employed feature. Except for long-distance landscape functions, I rarely us this light

The red axe delivers on its promise and cuts

the red axe delivers on its promise and cuts rather effectively across the grain, each in smaller sized branches and a lot more massive logs. The manage itself has been moulded directly onto the head of the axe, so there’s no possibility of separation even with heavy use. Its main functions are its exquisite workmanship

Line Array, Speakers, Reside Sound

Built-in JBL Drivepack® DPC-2 amplifier module designed by Crown gives 1750 Watts of peak Energy. Every member of the audience is delivered sound via just one full-range loudspeaker (apart, in fact, from folks sitting precisely on the dividing line between the coverage of two loudspeakers). Featuring a Class D 500 W RMS Digipro® G3 digital