Quick, 6 minute warm-up and easy operation, simple-to-read control panel shows current status and helps you pick the correct settings. Jam-free means that your laminator has anti-jam features including a reverse mechanism, a release button or an east access lift off lid to clear jams. Please note, this product is not available for next day delivery.

Yeah but would a metal handle make me feel better about it? The knobs that move the top roller up and down get stuck but they do work. Roll Laminator suitable for copy centers and graphic printing shops, laminating up to 1080mm wide hot or cold. Hot laminating, Cold laminating, mounting, Sleeking, single side with decurl function and double sided laminating. This easy to use machine applies cold laminate film, adhesive, or both.

Many different industries have come to rely on the cost-effective and high quality lamination that these machines provide. This economical single-speed roll laminator is reliable and easy to use, making it ideal for schools. It laminates up to 3 mil film and mounts any material up to ¼” thick. Products lượt thích the Zippy Cutter to cut the laminate when it exits the roll laminator. Or our roll laminating cleaner kit to keep your roll laminating machine operating smoothly.

It does single or double sided laminating, with all film up to 10 mil, and mounting too. It is designed for production laminating of all materials up to 27″ wide. The TCC-1400i is a 14″ professional grade roll laminator for volume laminating of documents less than 14″ wide. This heated roller laminator is capable of laminating up to 10mil in thickness and mounting up to 3/16″ board.

Royal Sovereign provides a wide range of wide format roll laminator solutions for schools, libraries, government institutions, and the sign and print industry. Our roll laminator portfolio includes hot thermal roll laminators, cold pressure sensitive roll laminators, and heat assist roll laminators ranging from 15″ wide to 65″ wide. No matter your wide format laminating needs, Royal Sovereign has the right laminator for you.

Our expertise lies in designing and developing the best Pouch Lamination Machines. Engineered to excellence, these offered machines are appreciated for longer serviceability, smooth finish and efficiency. To cater to the divergent demands of the clients, we have made these machines available in different specifications at a cost-effective price.

Vertical Laminating Machine

New bajrang roll to roll lamination machine with slitting at… The VersaLam 2700-P 27″ Roll Laminator is designed for use in offices, print and copy shops that are in need of a quality roll laminator. Stand Included. The ALL NEW Akiles ProLam R27 roll laminator is offers a heavy duty laminator for school and business environments. The Alexis 27 Roll Laminator is designed for schools, offices, copy and print shops. Cozplan.com has been the number one trực tuyến source for laminating machines and supplies for over 10 years.

Further, these also feature variable speed drive controls with film slitting attachment that provides for wrinkle-free lamination. 75% of all WALCO® roll laminators sold each year are sold with the latest WALCO® patented innovations such as, cut to edge and high precision film application, or automatic vertical laminators. This innovation strategy allows WALCO® to offer Industry 4.0 technology to all customers and in order to always propose the best machine to apply perfectly the protective films.

High adaptability of film, glue, paint, domestic and foreign products can be used. Our mission is to provide business opportunities for entrepreneurs to start up or expand their printing business to advocate gift-giving culture. Customer can collect the product from nearest transport office.

Laminating machines were formerly only available in copy shops. However, smaller, more affordable ones have made it possible to laminate projects from the comfort of your own trang chính. Laminator.com has been the number one online source for laminating machines and supplies for over 10 years. The MiniKote Pro is a 27″ versatile roll laminator that allows for laminating using film up to 10mil in thickness, and mounting substrates up to 1/4″ in thickness.

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