Since ancient, old time till now the steel is always important for us. Long long time ago, the men produce and make steel is called blacksmith, however now we call steel manufacturers. steels or irons are only applied for weapons such as blade, knife, sword, saw, rod and some for very simple tools. Along with development of world, science and technology has also been improved rapidly and incredibly. So you should know what is next? The steel application has been to anywhere, not only made for weapon, but it is also applied for kinds of machines such as mill machines, punching machines, packing machines and so on; for vehicle made like car, train and kinds of special vehicles; Construction is also relying on steel seemly like scaffolding products, concrete iron (also called reinforcing bars) and so on. You may know the application of steel is ubiquitous for the country, for the globe. Well, since this material is so important and necessary for us during life, so how to choose steel manufacturers and related products for corresponding buyers from the worlds. You know nowadays business is not only in domestic, we may trade variety of products or merchandises trans-continents, no matter in B2B wholesales, or B2C retail. For different region business, there are different advantages or weakness. If in domestic, you may easily visit suppliers’ factory or site where store thousands of ton of steel products, then inspecting the goods and negotiating the price and finally ordering successfully. This is very concrete for buyers to face their steel products. If doing the business as foreign trade, well, sometimes it is easy to purchase more lower cost products, and easily operation through network negotiation and finish your business eventually after many times cut off and bargain. There is only worry as you cannot be easy to access your manufacturer’s factory, warehouse and be difficult to know their products’ quality. Every senior buyers should know that the cost and quality are as same as both of these two conditions are influence your business in your sector.

So by this time, I will show you, or exactly for the rookies in purchase position what methods may help you to choose right manufacturers about steel products. Before this, perhaps someone will think about the most of advertisement in related industry will show us good quality or leading manufacturers. I cannot deny that your mind is not right, but I have to say that whether you think about the cost of steel from these suppliers advertising by any ways. Their cost is your cost, remember that.


The scale of enterprise

This is the first and important point for us to consider. Well, when the contractors contact the specific manufacturer, at the beginning, they should ask for visit to the factory due to the contractors most often need to know how large is the factory and how about scale of production. Otherwise, what if the suppliers of steels will short delivery about their massive orders. As following method, it should be to visit workshop and related complete production equipment.

Supplier’s reputation

Certainly, as the buyer you must think about reputation of suppliers during the community. For domestic business in the steel domain, you may know it through other contractors. If they dislike working with exact supplier of steel, you also should think about the cooperation. For foreign trade sourcing, this is more vital important for every buyers because we never know more than local insider due to a long physical distance as a little barrier between the buyers and oversea suppliers. So we have to know them through internet, some international exhibitions or some insiders in this industry and in this country.


Cost of products

Just now I have narrated about cost. Cost has to be considered by the buyers, but the premise is about based scale of suppliers’ scale and reputation. Otherwise, you will burden the hide loss when the cheapest supplier may cut the corners of steel sheet, steel plat elsewhere.


Quality of products

I trust the buyers or contractors must worry about the quality of products such as smooth of steel, size of steel sheet like thickness, or the hardness of steel like mild, low carbon, medium carbon or high carbon steel. So we have to do the inspect before buying it and also inspect it after order it.

Technical Strength

Besides the above mentioned, technical strength is also the important aspect which worthily we think about. If you may find out some steel goods with good quality, low cost, technical strength cannot be omitted because advanced technology of production may lower cost of production, meanwhile affording good quality products.